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FunEmpire presents Australia's best Virtual Escape Room Experience! We bring our highly popular Escape Room Experience online, where you can have fun and bond with your friends, family and colleagues in the comfort and safety of your own homes. Energise your team members who are working from home with this unique and fun experience. Participants will have to work together in online teams to uncover secrets and solve mysteries. Highly exciting and challenging - Perfect for virtual team building, virtual date ideas, virtual family games night and virtual hangout with friends!

Min 2 Pax

Max. Unlimited Pax (Large Groups Will Be Split Into Teams & Compete Against One Another During The Session)

100% Online Experience (Perfect for Working From Home, Remote Teams)

Fully Guided Experience By Our Professional Facilitators

1.5 Hour Online Escape Puzzle Experience (Debriefing included)

Challenging Puzzles & Storyline (Team Work definitely required!)

1st Of Its Kind - A Unique Twist To Our Highly Popular Offline Experience

Proprietary Interactive Web Platform That Mimics The Actual Room

Suitable For Participants From All Over The World

Virtual Escape Room

Plan The Perfect Virtual Team Building Australia Event

Benefits & Learning Outomes


Learn the importance of team work as participants race against the clock to uncover clues and solve mysteries! Players have to work as a team and strategise on how to successfully escape the storyline scenario within 1.5 hours. Team members will have to prioritise job scopes for each individual based on different strengths and weaknesses.


Team mates would have to communicate effectively with one another to execute their game strategy. Different players will have different pieces of a puzzle, and participants will have to navigate as a team to unexpected challenges and situations during gameplay.


Take the opportunity to learn more about your team mates' strengths and weaknesses while helping one another overcome challenges in our interactive experience. This forges deep bonds amongst participants as they work together to achieve a common objective.

#1 Virtual Escape Room Provider

Why Is Our Virtual Escape Room The Best?

Wide Variety Of Escape Games

BIGGEST Virtual Escape Room Provider That Can Accommodate An Unlimited Number Of Pax! First-Of-Its-Kind Experience With Over 10 Fun & Thrilling Virtual Escape Games To Select From!

Affordable Pricing From $20

Starting From AUD$20 / Pax. Minimum 2 pax To UNLIMITED Number Of Pax! Fully Guided Experience By Our Professional Facilitators. We Offer Customisable Virtual Escape Rooms Too!

Private Session At Your Own Timing

Exclusive & Private Virtual Escape Room Session. Select Your Preferred Date & Time Slot
At No Additional Charge!
100% Online Experience!

Award Winning & Certified

Won multiple awards such as Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, APAC Insider Southeast Asia Business Award, Brands for Good Champion and Spirit of Enterprise Award.

Certified Facilitators

Professionally trained facilitators with our proprietary ASEA™ Quality Training Management System (ISO 9001 Certified) to ensure the best Virtual Escape Room experience for you.

One-Stop Event Solution

We a one-stop event solutions provider that offers a wide range of activities, workshops and add-on services (corporate gifts, catering etc), all tailor-made to your needs.

Exciting Mysteries Developed By In-House Experts

Virtual Escape Room Australia Themes

Our fun and unique Virtual Escape Room themes are specially designed by our in-house game experts for Virtual Team Building by energising remote teams, boosting morale and building strong team bonding within your team!



Duration • 90 Minutes
Difficulty Level

In a small ancient village, mysterious werewolves hide in the dark, attacking innocent villagers at nightfall. Many have fallen and the town was never at peace. People feared everything - from the dark, the attacks and worst of all, the unknown. As descendants of the Village Chief, it is your duty to lift this curse and save your village. Are you up to the task?



Duration • 180 Minutes
Difficulty Level

“Save us Queen..” The haunting whispers echoed in your dreams. For days you had been trying to ignore the frail old man who had hijacked your peaceful slumber every night. The curse has followed you through times, and memories of your past life are coming back in bits and pieces. Right the wrong and save your kingdom. The lives of many are in your hands.



Duration • 90 Minutes
Difficulty Level

Your eccentric uncle, Dr Huber, has invited you to his mansion to witness his Time Travel Machine in action as he wants to hand you the patent for the machine. But first, you need to prove yourself by using the time machine to travel across time to find him and complete certain tasks! Time is of the essence - only you can save time.



Duration • 75 Minutes
Difficulty Level

Police have just received a phone call from someone threatening to blow up the city. It's down to you and your team to become the ultimate detectives and stop this from happening! Work together in this thrilling mission to eliminate the threat! This is the ultimate online escape room experience! Hurry - you don't have much time! The clock is already ticking....



Duration • 75 Minutes
Difficulty Level

Pull off Ben's Big Heist with your teammates! Your team has found a blueprint of the bank with some notes written on it. Using that to help you, you and your team will need to crack vaults, fill up the loot bags, and escape - all before the police catch you! The vaults will become harder to crack as you progress - are you ready for the challenge?



Duration • 75 Minutes
Difficulty Level

Jack woke up with a terrible hangover and can't remember anything from the night before! What happened last night? Work together with your team to help Jack out. Check the hotel room, head to the casino, and help Jack figure out what happened. But hurry - Jack needs to get on his flight soon!



Duration • 90 Minutes
Difficulty Level

Embark on an exciting virtual adventure to Singapore as you try to solve the family mystery for your grandmother's last wish: Where is your grandaunt and the family heirloom? You and your team will get to go on an exciting virtual travel experience that combines elements of Escape Room Online, Amazing Race, Treasure Hunt, 360 Virtual Tours and Trivia Quizzes... and more!



Duration • 75 Minutes
Difficulty Level

We have just received a distress signal from Louis, a botanist who is stuck on a secluded island. Captain Roger is currently on this rescue mission and we need your team to help him bring Louis back safely with his valuable research. We have lost all forms of communication with Louis and time is running out as a cyclone is about to destroy the island. Expect the unexpected!



Duration • 90 Minutes
Difficulty Level

A thrilling escape room experience based on Squid Game. After witnessing the inhumane treatment of participants at the hands of the game organisers, you have made up your mind to escape and expose the whole operation to the police. Solve exciting clues and puzzles with your team as you try to find the hidden escape route! Will you escape successfully?


Customise Your
Own Virtual Escape Room Experience!


Starting From AUD$20 / Pax

Affordable Virtual Escape Room Australia Packages

Virtual Escape Room

Select From A Wide Range Of Escape Room Themes!

Starting From (Per Pax)
Duration: 1 Hour Gameplay + 30 mins set up & de-brief
Minimum Pax: 2 Pax - Unlimited Pax
✓ Instructors: Professional Live Facilitation Included
✓ Benefits: Team Work, Communications, Bonding
✓ 100% Online: Perfect for Working From Home, Remote Teams
✓ Add-Ons: Customisable Corporate Gifts, Catering Delivery etc

Customisable Escape Room Experience

Looking to customise your very own virtual escape experience for your corporate or school? Contact us for more information!


Over 2000+ 5-Star Customer Reviews 

Raving Reviews From Our Clients 

Review 1

Virtual Escape Room

Team Bonding

We came across Virtual Escape Room while searching for activities to do for our team while working from home. I must say it exceeded our expectations and we all had loads of fun participating! Would definitely recommend this :)
- Greg Matthews 
(Human Resources Manager)
Reviews 2

Virtual Escape Room

Team Bonding

Virtual Escape Room was a blast! Our team really enjoyed the experience! The puzzles were challenging and we definitely require team work to complete the mission. Great idea for co workers to bond!

- Katherine Stevenson 
(Customer Success Specialist)
Reviews 3

Virtual Escape Room

Friends' Gathering

What a fun activity! We were running out of ideas on what to do at home when I came across this interesting concept! My friends and I really enjoyed the Virtual Escape Room experience. Facilitators were professional as well.

- Hitesh Patel 
(Front-End Web Developer)
Reviews 4

Virtual Escape Room

School Event

My students and I tried out the Virtual Escape Room for Kids and we loved it! The puzzles were fun and the storyline was exciting. My kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were so happy that they managed to complete the mission!
- Evangeline Ho 
(Middle School Teacher)
Virtual Escape Room Client Quote 1
Virtual Escape Room Client Quote 1
Virtual Escape Room Client Quote 1
Virtual Escape Room Client Quote 1

Simple & Fuss-Free Process

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Book A Slot

Book a session at your own preferred date and time! Minimum 2 pax per session. We can hold unlimited no. of pax! For large groups, we will hold a mass briefing via video conferencing tools (e.g. Zoom), before breaking into smaller teams of 5-6 pax. Teams will get to challenge one another to emerge victorious!

Step 2: Prepare For Event

Once you have booked your session, an email with follow-up instructions will be sent to you. It includes information (e.g. Zoom link and things to prepare) for you to disseminate to your group. If you have any questions, our friendly event experts will be there to guide you along!

Step 3: Live Experience

Our Virtual Escape Room experience will be held over our interactive web platform that allows players to uncover clues, hover over key details and also unlock boxes. All participants will be communicating over video tools (e.g. Zoom) in order to work together to complete the mission.

Step 4: Have Fun!

During the Virtual Escape Room session, our friendly game masters will be there throughout the event to ensure that you are having fun, while answering any queries you might have! It will be a fuss-free and enjoyable session for you and your team!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Escape Room Experience?

Escape Room or Escape Puzzle is a scenario-based, mystery solving experience, that involves working in teams to gather clues, connect the dots and achieve the game objective - all within an hour and a half. It is the ultimate test of one's wit, attentiveness to details and communication skills. Players will have to work in teams to overcome challenges and puzzles, in order to unlock secrets and complete the storyline. You will definitely feel a sense of great accomplishment should you and your team be able to complete the Escape Puzzle within 1 hour and emerge victorious.

Where can I experience Virtual Escape Room Australia?

The amazing thing about our Virtual Escape Room Australia is that you can participate from anywhere in the world! It is a perfect group activity even if your team members are spread across different countries, geography or time zones. All you need is to set an event date and time for your group, and we will facilitate and host your private Virtual Escape Room Australia session for you and your party.

How is your Virtual Escape Room Australia being conducted?

We have recently launched Australia's very first Virtual Escape Room, so that we can bring the experience to you, wherever you are! This is perfect for remote teams, as well as people who are working from home. The session would be conducted over video communication platforms (e.g. Zoom or Webex etc), with professional facilitation by our trained instructors. They will bring you and your team into our Virtual Escape Rooms that is specially built for you to experience this activity online. For more information, do contact our friendly events consultant, and we will be able to help you with your queries.

What is the duration of a Virtual Escape Room Australia experience?

Each Escape Room Australia experience is around 1.5 - 2 hours. There will be around 30 minutes of set up and debriefing. The game experience will be 1.5 hours, as you race against the clock with your team to complete the Escape Puzzles within the time frame. For more info, please contact our friendly events consultant.

How many people can experience Virtual Escape Room Australia at the same time?

For Our Virtual Escape Room Australia, all you need is 2 people to start! Our Virtual Escape Room Australia can also accommodate up to unlimited amount of people. We will split you into teams for the experience depending on your group size and different teams can compete against each other to be the fastest to complete the mission.

Is Virtual Escape Room Australia suitable for everyone?

Yes, it is suitable for everyone! We would recommend players to be at least the age of 10 and up to be able to solve the puzzles effectively. We also have a kids version of Virtual Escape Room Australia available! Do contact our events consultant if you would like to request for the kids friendly version.

Do you offer Virtual Escape Room Australia for kids?

Our Escape Room Australia puzzles are recommended for ages 10 and up! We also have a kids friendly version that is suitable for ages 7 and up! If you have a special request for Virtual Escape Room Australia (Kids Version), do contact our friendly events consultant. We will be able to help customise a package for you!

How many days in advance must I confirm my booking?

You would need to book your session with us at least 5 working days in advance. This is so that our dedicated team would have sufficient time to prepare for your requirements. Should you have an urgent request, do feel free to contact us and we will be able to advice you on whether it is possible, depending on your events requirements.

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